This programme will transform forever, the way you listen to; 
Motivate, Manage & Mentor 
yourself and those that matter to your success and happiness.
If supporting others is currently leaving you feeling depleted, lacking patience and energy and even a little lost, get ready to embark on an 8 week journey that will transform the way you listen and put you back in control of your emotions and time.
To be able to listen to others and offer them support, whether they’re our family, friends, clients or team members, is quite a gift. It can make us feel helpful, when we are able to impact the lives of those that matter to us. 
Sometimes though, our listening skills don’t seem enough; we can feel overwhelmed at everything we hear, our mental capacity is tested and tolerance levels run low. We might even give up on listening altogether and find ourselves preaching- or worse - screaming inside, because nothing we do or say seems to create any kind of change or improvement.

The other person keeps talking, venting and repeating the same story and you begin to feel that you are not really helping and yet you don’t want (or simply can’t) give up on them. Perhaps you are frustrated that you cannot get them to listen to you. 
Frustration can quickly turn into emotional outbursts of anger or tears for you or them. 
The fear that time is running out and that you are stuck, can leave you feeling trapped, alone and isolated with this problem.

All the time there is that nagging inner voice eating away at your own confidence because all you want is to be able to help. 

Conversations leave you feeling more and more burdened, your shoulders become even heavier and your head is constantly feeling full. You feel like nobody understands what you’re going through, so you cannot ask for help. 

Some say that you ‘take things too personally’ and that you should ‘just let it go’.

Did you know there are at least 8 different types of listening? With this in mind every person you listen to is likely to need a different type of listening depending on how they learn and their needs in the moment and you as the listener will need to be resourced to know when to adjust your listening. 

You may need to listen for any number of different purposes and each require a different strategy. 

You might be listening to:  
-Puts their attention on their strengths for motivation and encouragement. 
-Allow them time to express and therefore manage their emotions.
-Give them space and time to empty their thoughts, make decisions and prioritise their time.
-Guide them to listen to and trust their own inner wisdom.

When we spend on average 70-80% of our time each day communicating and 40% of that is listening, it is vital that we are able to listen at our very best more of the time. 

So, how can you discover and develop your listening skills to better support those that matter to you?
Well, let me tell you… the ‘Motivate, Manage or Mentor  Foundation Course will do that and more!

This programme will resource you to successfully motivate, manage and mentor yourself and others through any kind of change. 
By joining the ‘Motivate, Manage or Mentor’ you will:
  •  Finally have the head space to think and gain clarity
  •  Develop your listening, questioning and feedback skills
  •  Be able to listen to the emotional responses of others; whilst developing an understanding of your own emotional buttons and how to manage them
  •  Discover how differently we each hear the same information and what you and others need to work, learn and live together
  •  Get renewed confidence in your ability to motivate, manage and mentor yourself and others
‘Motivate, Manage or Mentor’ Programme, is taking place June -July 2021 could be the start of a life-changing journey that will lead you to success in just a few, powerful steps.
Are you ready to improve your listening skills and become the listener you can be?
Here are what my clients say about the ‘Motivate, Manage or Mentor’ experience;
Rachel Foulkes 
“Sheryl and her Motivate, Manage or Mentor program helped me to be a better person; I have learnt to listen more (and talk less!), to be less judgemental of what another person says or does and to stop trying to fix everything for everyone. As a result of the lessons I learned on this retreat it has been a catalyst for change and has helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life” 
Nick Clegg
"I worked with Sheryl and her team and they were exceptional. It really helped getting outside of the business and being able to see the wood for the trees with none of the day to day distractions. Sheryl is superb at asking just the right questions and then probing further to find the answers. Working with Sheryl gave me a really clear understanding of how I work at my best and how to block out and minimize the things that get in the way. I have noticed a real difference in both business and personal relationships as a result"

Belinda Butler
“This retreat meant that I could spend more time on myself. I could learn how to separate out my thoughts. I could make plans that suited both me and my family. Guilt played a huge part in my life at the time. Guilty for working and guilty when I didn’t. I was feeling hugely frustrated and never quite good enough. I often felt I was doing what I ought to do or should do but not really what I wanted to do! This was my first experience of listening to others but not giving them any feedback or my opinion or what I thought would fix it for them. Even more enlightening for me was to take time to really stop and think about what I wanted? What did I want? And how was I going to get it?"
Before signing up, you might be wondering who am I, so let me introduce myself!
I’m Sheryl, the founder of Step by Step Listening and I am also known as The Strength and Solution Detective. I have been motivating and managing teams for 30 plus years but in 2006 I found myself stuck unable to motivate as well as I would like. That started my search for answers and I discovered the greatest motivation comes from within and can only be accessed by listening. 
I went on to invest nearly £30,000 and over 10,000 hours practicing the skill of listening and today I spend my time sharing those lessons and running retreats for business owners who want to be better resourced to motivate and manage themselves and those that matter to their success and happiness.

My mission is to resource you, to show up as the best version of yourself, to be motivated at work and come home stress free with capacity to listen to your loved ones. 

The 3-day ‘Motivate, Manage or Mentor’ Retreat, creates a space where you can feel safe to speak your truth in order to hear and then let go of any beliefs or rules that are preventing you from listening at your very best and being the best version of you.

By the end of the 3rd day you will be able to support others in the most time efficient and effective way possible. You will leave feeling more in control and resourced to support yourself and those around you through change.

This retreat provides you with: 
An experiential learning experience. You will explore core models and processes that will make sense of what you need to work, learn and live with others; whilst actually working, learning and living in a group.

You will model what is happening when you are listening at your best, asking good questions and what is happening when you give or receive effective feedback.

Over the years what I have discovered is that good listeners have to learn to suppress their emotional responses in the moment and can find themselves stuck behind the listening. People like you, when you listen; and so it can become more challenging to have a voice and speak up and say when things are not working for you. 

With each iteration of the process you will have the opportunity to notice your own internal reaction And track the impact it has on you and your ability to listen and support others. 

On arrival you will receive your welcome pack with everything you need to maximise your time with us.
  This retreat includes:
  •  Motivate, manage or mentor workbook
  • Access to private client mentoring group (Priceless)
  • 8 weekly group coaching and mentoring calls via zoom 
  •  Daily Reminders To Train Your Attention - Monday to Friday
  •  Personal development partners (Peer support without peer pressure)
The investment is only £897 and the availability is limited as we currently only run this retreat once a year for a small group of no more than 9 delegates. 

If you are sick and tired of being frustrated and you are ready for some serious transformation don’t wait for crisis, join today for this year’s‘ Motivate, Manage or Mentor’ Retreat.
At Step by Step Listening we are here; so that you have the resources and the strength to listen to those that matter most to you.

It’s good to listen and you too have a right and need to be heard and understood

You should never feel weighed down and burdened by other people’s problems.

To be a good listener means to be able to change and adapt your style of listening skills depending on the situation or person.

It means to understand how to motivate, manage and mentor yourself and others through the uncomfortable phases of change

It means to be in control of your emotional response and learn how to process anything you hear in a healthy and powerful way.
If supporting others and making a difference – both at home or at work – is what you really want, “Motivate, Manage or Mentor” is the right program for you; you will find new CLARITY about what you want, you will feel CONFIDENT in your own way of working, learning and living and you will CHANGE the way you listen to finally become the best supporter you can be. 
Yes, I’m ready for Motivate, Manage or Mentor Retreat!
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PS: I have invested in my journey so that you can learn the lesson faster and without the heart ache that I experienced and I understand for some this might be the first time you have invested this kind of money in your own personal development.

So I get that you might want to speak to me first; to be sure that this is the right programme and that you and I are a good fit. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s arrange a time to chat; if this is not the right time or the right programme for you; you never know I might know someone else that can help.
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