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Putting you back in control of your time.
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Tame Your Time Monster - Free Guide
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Are You Ready To Claim Back Your Time?
Fed Up Of Never Having Enough Time?
Being someone that is responsible for motivating, managing and mentoring others, it is easy to find yourself busy helping others because you love it. You get a real buzz out of being able to make a difference. 

And yet you consistently run out of time to help yourself, which results in you becoming irritable and impatient and not very inspiring. 

You know you can do better but you seem to keep ending up back in the same place. 

When We Are Time Poor We:
  • Struggle alone for longer than necessary
  • Repeat ineffective patterns of behavior
  •  Make Poor Decisions 
  • ​Fail to manage ourselves, time or others
Not finding time to think, means that you invariably feel overwhelmed and find yourself stuck unable to make decisions. This results in your communications lacking clarity and before long confidence starts to seep away. 

The biggest frustration is that you help others to get motivated, to stay focused but you can't seem to do it for yourself.  But they have you and you think you 'should' be able to do this for yourself and so you struggle on.  

You worry that you will lose credibility if you admit that you cannot take your own advice; so you keep quiet. And even if you do reach the point where you accept you need help, you get stuck because you don't know who to ask. What you really need is another one of you, right!!  
That's why we created Tame Your Time Monster.  A 7 step process that you can do for yourself, by yourself to gain clarity of what you would like to have happen and what works for you whilst unraveling how the story you tell yourself about time is holding you back. 
A practical guide for people who want things to change.

Discover how to slow time down in order to think and communicate with more clarity 

Develop greater confidence by changing your focus and what you feed the time monsters. 
Hello I'm 'Sheryl Andrews' 
(aka The Listening Detective!) 
I am the founder of Step by Step Listening and we have a mission to create global unity through improved communication and collaboration in the workplace.

As business leaders we have the potential to change lives and make a massive difference in the lives of many. And it is our responsibility to ensure that we, as well as our teams are fully supported and resourced through times of change.

 We hope this guide opens a door way to a new way of thinking about time that will inspire you to create time for your own support and encouragement. 
Imagine This...
  • Getting up everyday with absolute clarity of what you want
  • Having confidence to ask for what you need. 
  • Trusting yourself and your decisions
  • Doing more of what you love, delegating the stuff you don't and ditching the critic that says you can't
Julius Asiaw,
Addiction Recovery Coach
I had an insightful time working with Sheryl on Taming your Time Monster and it helped me gain clarity on the specifics that equates to my time monster and most importantly, helped me answer the question, ‘What would I like to have happened?’ 
How It Works...
This is a step by step guide that will take you through a simple process to slow your thinking down so that you can catch your breath and your thoughts. Your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions determine your action. This short and simple guide will leave you instantly feeling more at peace and in control of your thoughts and time with practical easy to apply processes. 

Then every 4 days or so we will send you a "Time Monster Munchies" - Bite size, easy to digest discussions points regarding time that we trust will inspire further change. 

And we would love you to join our community of non-judgmental listeners that are creating a space for you to be heard, understood and valued. 

Here's what we cover:
7 Step Guide To Put you back in control 
A workbook that you can download and use time and time again. 
Time Monster Munchies 
Every few days you will receive short easy to read tips relating to time.
Access To Our Community
You will be invited to join our community who are committed to developing our non-judgemental listening skills so that more people can tame their time monsters and we can work and live with each other more effectively. 
Claire Miller,
I Can Create Stories
The 'Tame your Time Monster guide' encourages you to stop and become aware of how you think about time. Sheryl makes thought provoking points and leads you down the path of discovering what the impact of your thoughts can have. She also sends out Time Monster Munchies emails. I read these emails with great interest and always stop to think about what she is saying. One email gave me confidence to make a decision about a situation I was dealing with at that moment. The guide and emails are worth their weight in gold!
You're Perfect for this if...
  •  You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and the same old patterns repeating.
  • Other's depend on you being positive and inspiring.
  • You are ready for change.
  • ​You hear yourself saying things like "I just want to be happy" or "If only...."
  • ​You know that no one else can do this for you, it's down to you.
You Might Not Want This If...
  •  You prefer to blame others
  • ​You don't take responsibility for your own happiness
  • ​You want a magic wand
Right now with very little time to think, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I hope that I have been able to empower you to take the first steps and that this maybe the beginning of a new way of thinking that will free you to live the life you deserve. 
I can't wait to hear from you!

Sheryl - The Listening Detective
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